International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres (New Zealand) Inc

Brief History of IAML(NZ) Inc

1970 IAMLANZ formed in Australia NZ Vice President: Dorothy Freed

1974 New Zealand Division formed

1975 New Zealand Division accepted into University and Research Section of the New Zealand Library Association

1975 One-day seminar meetings at New Zealand Library Association annual conferences.

1981 IAML(New Zealand Branch) formed.

1999 International IAML conference held in Wellington, New Zealand, July 18-23

Contribution to International Activities

RILM abstracts: Official contributor: Roger Flury (National Library of New Zealand). Subsidiary contributor: Marilyn Hayr (Auckland City Libraries).

RISM: Individual large libraries send contributions.

RISM Ser.C: Directory of music research libraries: contribution for New Zealand in v.4, 1979.


New Zealand music libraries newsletter: an independent occasional supplement to Continuo, No.1 (May 1980) - No.4 (Dec. 1981).

Crescendo: Bulletin of the International Association of Music Libraries (New Zealand Branch) No.1 (May 1982) - 3 issues per year.

FREED, Dorothy and SEAMAN, Gerald, comp.,

Orchestral scores : a finding list of performing editions with parts, available on loan or hire from some New Zealand musical societies and libraries. Wellington : New Zealand Library Association,1978 2nd ed. rev. Wellington : New Zealand Library Association, 1984.

PRITCHARD, Brian, comp.

Sing! : a catalogue of choral scores in multiple copies held by New Zealand music societies and libraries. Wellington : NZ Library Association, 1981.

National Library Of New Zealand, Music Room

Sing! 2nd ed. rev. Wellington : National Library of New Zealand, 1995.

FREED, Dorothy, comp.

Directory of New Zealand music organisations. Wellington : National Music Council of New Zealand, 1983.


A bibliography of writings about New Zealand music published to the end of 1983. Wellington : Victoria University Press, 1985.