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and Documentation Centres (New Zealand) Inc


IAML(NZ)Inc is an association of New Zealand music libraries and music librarians.  Its members meet annually and maintain contact through its journal, Crescendo (content list is available online.)

The AGM and Conference of the New Zealand Branch of IAML will be held on the 1st and 2nd of November 2012 in in Auckland at Auckland University Information Commons and Auckland City Libraries Central Library.
For registration information please contact the Secretary Joan Clayton (find here the email address).

The stated aim of IAML(NZ) Inc is to bring together people and music (literature, scores, records and music information) through the library system or other suitable channels in New Zealand, and to establish and maintain international links through the parent body, the International Association of Music Libraries.

To contact IAML(NZ) Inc or any of its members, please contact the secretary